Pastel Sets

I design and Unison Colour make up Pastel Sets for me specifically for my workshops, which are only available to purchase through me.

I currently have 3 Pastel Sets available.

Set 1 is the workshop set which is perfect for capturing the Wiltshire landscape throughout the seasons as well as being versatile for still life too and costs £143.

Set 2 is known as Cathy's Little Box of Brights! I have designed this set of 8 to be a useful and lively complement to Set 1 and costs £41.

It contains a vivid lemonish yellow particularly useful for all the rapeseed that grows in our Wiltshire landscape, a couple of intense oranges for sunsets, flowers and autumn foliage (and because I love tangerine). A deep magenta, very useful to add a touch of depth to all those amazing greens as well as for flowers. Then a light and a dark turquoise to add to your sea paintings and to cool down the temperature of warm greens and last but by no means least, two strong blues especially for bluebells and many other flowers.

With these extra colours my mind automatically jumps to landscapes and floral still life but they are great for more abstract subjects too.

Set 3 is my Colour Wheel set of 18 beautiful pastels for £84 which will complement any pastels you may already have, or is an excellent starter selection.

I have included 12 primary, secondary and tertiary colours from the colour wheel and a black, a white and 4 greys.

I'm sure when you look at the photos you will be tempted to buy and encouraged to just get painting. Such beautiful colours. They also make wonderful presents.

Please email or phone to enquire about delivery charges and to purchase any of these sets.