Current Curated

A curated collection of my new and recent original work

I usually sell my work in the form of original paintings only with no prints. I generally enjoy painting Roundway Hill and local landscapes around Devizes Wiltshire, as well as creating floral still life work.

All my paintings are in pastel or pastel and acrylic, framed or unframed.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through my collection of pastels and pastels with acrylic underpainting here on my website.

If you would like to see my paintings in person we can arrange for you to visit my own Poppins Gallery or sometimes my work is on display at local galleries. Currently there are several pieces at White Chalk Gallery in Devizes Wiltshire.

To arrange to see my work, enquire about prices or buy a painting Call or Email me.

Alternatively, you can always buy a Gift Voucher for someone special, so they can choose an artwork for themselves.

September Sunrise

6 paintings capturing the experience of September sunrises from my walks.

All remaining paintings are already framed.

Reeded Path, 31cm x 48cm framed, £575

Reeds and Doc Panorama, 75cm x 35cm framed, SOLD

Willow Herb, 31cm x 48cm framed, £575

Vapour Trails, 31cm x 31cm unframed, SOLD

Teasels, 60cm x 42cm (approx) framed, SOLD

Willow Herb Panorama, 75cm x 35cm framed, £695

Anti-twilight Arch (4.11.21 16:27)

6 paintings capturing an Anti-twilight Arch across Beacon Hill, Roundway Hill, Oliver's Castle and Roundway Hill Covert.

Some are framed, others unframed.

One was shown and bought at the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London.

All are now sold!

High Summer

A trio painted to reflect the abundance of foliage both of the trees and hedgerows of high summer.

Oat Grass, framed £575 SOLD

Cow Parsley, framed £575 SOLD

Pink Cloud, unframed £450 SOLD

Autumn Light

Three paintings painted in January 2021, all reflecting the beautiful light captured in photographs taken in Autumn 2020 on a sunny afternoon below Roundway Hill back in October.

Painted with Unison Colour Soft Pastels on Fisher400 paper, mounted and framed in hand-painted frames using anti-reflective glass. Can be collected directly from me, or I can deliver locally.

Autumn Explosion, 63cm x 81.5cm, £1250 SOLD

Changing Lane, 81.5cm x 63cm, £1250

Speck of Gold, 81.5cm x 63cm, £1250

Floral Still Life

Using Unison Colour Soft Pastels I was able to capture the beautiful vibrancy of seasonal colours for this series of floral still life work.

They are much more complex than landscapes, because of how the objects sit with each other, their relationship, shapes, colour, textures, lighting, shadows and reflections.

Daffodil Daydream, 50cm x 70cm, £950

Tulips and Cherry Blossom, 50cm x 70cm, £950

Yellow Tulips and Quince, 50cm x 70cm, £950

Dad's Mug, Mug of Memories, 50cm x 70cm, £950

Aquilegia and Love in the Mist, 50cm x 70cm, £950

Roses, Clematis and Poppy, 50cm x 70cm, £950