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White Chalk Gallery Open Exhibition

My painting, Following the Wansdyke, has been selected for the White Chalk Gallery's Open Exhibition running from 4th April to 20th April.

There is a wonderful array of work featured in the show this year so well worth a visit. The exhibition is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays between 10am and 5pm.

Meet the Artists

This Saturday 6th April 2pm to 4pm there is also a special event, where you are welcome to come along for a glass of wine and a chat with the artists about their work. The prize winners will be announced too, so all very exciting! Hope to see you there.

White Chalk Gallery 5 Old Swan Yard Devizes SN10 1AT Wiltshire


Golden Glow Workshop

Golden Glow is all about the final moments of a sunset or sunrise, when the colours are at their most extraordinary, particularly if you manage to witness an anti twilight arch.

This painting was inspired by a beautiful sunset at the back of my garden in July last year and will be one of the preparatory pieces to show people at my Golden Glow workshops.

When you view a sunset through foliage, the foliage picks up the oranges, yellows and reds of the sun, as shown here, and this is one aspect we will be looking at during the workshops. Exploring how it is not just about the sunset or sunrise and how the sun looks, but also the reaction on foliage in the garden, the field or the hedgerow, which gives us the extraordinary colours.

I will have a few photos available at the workshops, which you can use, but please bring your own images if possible, because you will have the personal experience of having witnessed these particular sunsets or sunrises. Cameras don't record the colours as we see them, so we need to find ways to accentuate what the camera has given us, alongside our memory and experience.

Call or email me to book.

For more details or to see what other themes I am covering in my Landscape Workshops please take a look at my Workshops page.


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